Thursday, May 28, 2009

So it's been awhile, so I'll cathch you up! The kids and I have been having a lot of fun, enjoying warm weather again. I really HATE winter, so when warm weather comes, I am outside! We went to Devils Den in Gettysburg, and just climbed around on the rocks. It was fun. Beana even got into the action. We also saw a black snake there, pretty nasty, but cool at the same time.

I also had to get a picture of Sabrina and her morning hair. I love it! She was looking out the window to say goodbye to daddy! It reminds me of her Aunt Spring's morning hair. She also had the same morning hair, when we were kids. Sabrina looks a lot like her!

Also what comes with us playing outside, I can put my tortise outside to eat the weeds. They LOVE weeds! Anyway, I had her out and I was sitting out there watching her, so she does not run away, yes a tortise can run away. Then Adam had to run to Gettysburg and asked if I could go with him. I said sure, then asked Tori to sit in the back yard and watch her, and she was excited. Well when we got home about a half hour later, she was in the front yard reading a book in the tree. i smiled at her and asked if she put Penelope away, and she screamed and jumped out out of the tree, ran to the back yard. i followed, and by the time I got there, she was crying, running around the yard. She forgot she was watching her, and sure enough Penelope ran away. The whole family started looking, and two hours later,a nd a lot of personal and family prayers later, we found her. Tori was so happy! She was crwaling in the grass, and that is why she is green. She was crying the whole time, and that is why her face is so red and puffy. I just had to share that little story....I will blog again soon. Till then.....